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  (c)2018 Tartan Rocks Concert and Thirty Little Turns CD Release :: Tempest :: KFAI Interview :: LISTEN AGAIN

KFAI 90.3FM MSP, Broadcast Interview : aired 8 April 2018 :: 60 minutes. ©2018 Tempest frontman Lief Sorbye [...]

Tempest Celtic Rock :: KFAI Interview with Lief Sorbye aired 08 April 2018

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  Minnesota Scottish Fair Returns

July 13, 2024. Return of the Highland Games at the MN Scottish Fair, SAT July 13th at Macalester Collage campus. Visit their[...].

Minnesota Scottish Fair and Highland Games

Events and News

   by Mara Miletich :: looks like lots of fun...

John, looks like lots of fun! You will definitely be a popular booth. Thanks so much for [...]

by Mara Miletich


  (c)2012 The Devil or the Barrel :: The Langers Ball :: Previous Release CD

Previous Release CD: The Devil or the Barrel :: 13 Tracks. ©2012 The Langers Ball [...]

The Langers Ball :: The Devil or the Barrel

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  (c)2018 Tartan Rocks the Hook and Ladder :: Event Gear T-Shirt

Concert Merchandise: T-Shirts or Hoodies. ©2018 Tartan Rocks [...]

Tartan Rocks :: Celtic Rock Concert


  (c)2017 Together :: The Northerly Gales :: Previous Release CD

Previous Release CD: Together :: 11 Tracks. ©2017
The Northerly Gales [...]

The Northerly Gales :: Together

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  Siouxland Renaissance Festival XXIII

2024, June 1st & 2nd. Play in the Past. Upon our four stages thou shalt find dancers from the far East and down the road, jugglers and tumblers of great skill and daring. There shall be minstrels and musicians whose music shall set thy feet to tapping[...].

Official Siouxland Renaissance Festival Event Design

Events and News

   by Rose Jensen :: The boys discovered...

The guys love the shirts! Thanks for your willingness to accommodate us! The boys discovered[...]

by Rose Jensen


   by Visit Scotland(TM)

Welcome to Scotland! Find insider travel tips from

Visit Scotland :: Saltire


   by 3 Celts and Company :: FAQ - How do I...

FAQ - How do I find a kilt pattern with my Surname? Answer: Search tartan patterns by Surname here[...].

by 3 Celts and Company


   by Celtic Life International

"Celtic Life International Magazine" connecting the Celtic community for more than 30 years [...]

CelticLife Marketplace


   by Dany Smith :: its fantastic...

I just received my 2012 Siouxland Renaissance Assoc. and Festival hoodie and it's fantastic!

by Dany Smith


   by 3 Celts and Company :: original celtic art...

In 1996, tradition and original celtic art coalesced to bring you 3 Celts & Company | Your Retail source[...]

by 3 Celts and Company

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   by Robert MacDougall :: at the Rochester Mn Irish...

via FaceBook Comments :: I enjoyed talking with you and your wife at the Rochester, Mn Irish Festival.

by Robert MacDougall

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   by Scottish American Center

"SCOTTISH NEWS IN MINNESOTA" The best way to stay current [...]

Minnesota Scots :: Scottish News In Minnesota

Events and News

   by 3 Celts and Company

"MACDONALD (of the Isles)" Greatest and most widespread of [...]

MacDonald Tartan Kilts